The Old Rugged Cross

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,

The emblem of suff’ring and shame;

And I love that old cross where the dearest and best

For a world of lost sinners was slain. 

I was listening to a playlist on Rdio this morning while working, and “The Old Rugged Cross” somehow made it into the mix.  As I moved my mouse to click next and move to something a little more modern and “relevant” to today.

Something made me pause, and now as I sit here listening to a myriad of “old” songs from days gone past, my mind is spinning from all the moments in my life that I connected with God on an intimate level, and the people that were instrumental in those experiences.  

When I listen to the hymns, I’m taken back to a time when people like my Uncle Allen led worship service.  As we slept under the pew, played with colouring books, or later in our teens, passed notes around, these songs made their way into my subconcious and remind me of the times when I saw lives changed, and hope restored.  When an old course comes on, I’m reminded of those times when “The Glory Fell”, and when once again lives were changed and hope restored…

Last week as I listened to the same playlist, “Father Abraham” was even in the mix, and I’m reminded of all the ladies that dedicated their lives to our Sunday School.  They made sure that everyone knew what the actions to all the songs were.  Somehow Sister Forgraves could out action all us kids.  These ladies may not have realized the lifetime impact their dedication and love for us kids would have had.

We can all find problems with our past, and it’s sometimes easy to point out all the flaws, but if we look, sometimes really hard, for the most part there were people that loved God, and were obedient to His calling on their lives.  No matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed at the time, they chose to walk in their God ordained destiny’s.

I’m certain that I’m not the only one who’s life has been impacted by the Sunday School teachers, Bus drivers, ushers, Youth pastors, senior pastors, and the faithful seniors that you knew were praying for you.

In a world that says new is better, it’s important to sometimes take a step back and look at where we’ve come from.  In all situations we face there is something to learn.  Something about ourselves, something about others, and often something about God.

So today, take a walk back in time.  Reflect on the good, learn from the bad, and always rejoice for where God is taking you.

Till next time.


What I’m reading this week:

Listening to:

  • Nostalgic Christian Worship on Rdio
  • Today’s Top Worship Songs – Songza

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