Feeling Flat???

Have you ever just felt flat?  Neither up nor down… Everything is just ok…

2014 ended like that for me. At one point I felt on fire and full of passion. Once the holidays were over I just felt full. Mostly of junk food, but also a fully cluttered mind.

I’m not saying I was not thinking about God, but He was definitely not at the forefront of my thoughts. The last couple weeks have been a bit of a turnaround for me in this regard.   I’m once again  communing often throughout the day with God. The deep intimacy that I didn’t even realize was no longer there is returning.

This journey is different for everyone but here’s a few things that have worked for me.

1.  Get alone with God.

I’m not necessarily a morning person(don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee), but this is the only time of the day that I was able to get alone with God. Despite the difficulty of getting out of bed an hour and a half before necessary, it gets easier as the days go on, and I thoroughly enjoy the quiet.  

There are still days that I hit the snooze button more than I should, but making the time each morning was key for me. 

2.  Talk it out.

Sometimes as you’re going through things, you can feel like you’re all alone. I can say with  99.99% certainty that there is likely someone in your circle of friends going through or already gone through a similar situation.   You are not alone in your struggles and God did not create us to figure it out by ourselves . He has put people in your life intentionally to build you up.  

It can be scary, but just have courage to be real with your  friends. That does not mean post everything you’re going through on social media.   That’s just annoying… 

For me, I have many people in my life  that help through different circumstances. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that recently found himself in the same place as me. We were able to encourage one another. He directed me to a message by Francis Chan from the Passion 2015 conference. If you’re finding yourself lacking the passion you once did. Go give it a listen. 

3.  Get healthy!

I am by no means a health nut, and by far am not a picture of perfect health, but making good choices about your health will be very important in getting your head clear.  

‘Getting Healthy’ looks different for everyone, so I won’t say much on the subject, mostly because I feel very under qualified to do so.  God gave you the body you’re living in so take care of it… 

Today my ‘exercise’ was turning the music up and dancing around the kitchen while doing the dishes. Before you ask, there are no videos.  It took longer to do the dishes, did wonders for my mood and even made my little guy bust out a move and have a little laugh. 

I won’t pretend to be an expert on anything, but will just share with you what’s worked for me.

I’d love to hear what’s working for you…

Till next time.




I come up with so many excuses for why I can’t publish another post right now.  There’s always an excuse. Tonight I sit and try to find a design that’s suitable. Then I say I can’t have a blog without there being an about me page, or at least a decent header… All these reasons I place in front of me to avoid the calling of God. 

I’m reminded of the series we’re going through at our church right now. “The Ideal Family”. The title is intended to be satirical in nature, as we’re learning that there really is no such thing. Pastor Tim has said it might be better titled “how do I deal with my real family”. 

We go through life putting such high expectations on ourselves that truly limit us and hold us back. I’m learning to accept that I don’t have it all together, and that God’s grace is enough to carry me through. 

I’m ok with not being the most consistent blogger. I mean really. Not everyone can be Carey Nieuwhof or Perry Noble. I recently had opportunity to get some really good feedback from someone I would consider successful in the blogging space.  He told me to focus on my readers, and try to deliver something that would benefit them. To hold all success lightly, because as quickly as it comes it can go away. I was also encouraged to just write, understanding that most of these posts will accomplish little, while hopefully others will help to encourage and inspire my readers(assuming I will have some).

If this blogging thing is what God wants me to do then I’ll do it.  I’ll do the best that I can and trust that God will work to perfect the skill within me. 

One thing I’m working on this year is to at least attempt what it is that God is asking me to do, without listening to the excuses in my head on why I cannot.  I will lean on him in all I do.

What’s God saying to you this week?

Coffee and Jesus

Why is it so difficult to remain consistent?  I love reading blogs and have gathered so much form those that I follow. Last year I started this blog with the intention of blogging regularly, but ended the year with only 8 posts. The posts were all read and I received decent feedback, so I know it’s something that I can do. Maybe I just need to spend less time thinking about it, and just post shorter, more random entries. 

I started last year off great with early morning devotions everyday and became habitual with it. As the year progressed I got lazier, busier, more complacent and eventually back to waking up in the morning with only a few minutes to get ready for work and out the door. Over these last two weeks, although I’ve been sleeping in, I’ve had the time to start my day with coffee and Jesus. I realized how much I missed those quite moments in the morning to reflect, pray and dive into the scriptures.  It really is the best way to start my day. 

As with the turn of every new year it’s once again a natural time for reflection and goal setting. Despite falling back into old habits with my morning routine, I still feel that I ended 2014 closer to God than I was in 2013.  My goals for this year are pretty much the same as last year. Establish consistent and meaningful morning devotions again, as opposed to fitting it in at the last minute of the day. Make better efforts to consistently share my thoughts via this blog.  I also want to be more intentional with my relationships this year. 

I’ve already set monthly reminders to review my goals each month through the year.  I believe constant review and honest reflection throughout the year, will help to ensure success with my goals.

So here’s to a new year, and more coffee with Jesus!  


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