Bite your tongue

I’m a firm believer that God speaks to us in some very creative/unique ways.

I remember one time praying to God before going to bed that he would do whatever it took to get me to wake up in the morning to spend time in his word.  Five minutes before my alarm was to go off, inevitably to go through an almost endless snooze cycle, my son starts peeing on me…  At some point in the night he crawled in bed with my wife and I.  Needless to say I jumped out of bed pretty quickly.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night having just bit the tip of my tongue…  I have no idea what I was dreaming about, but it either involved eating something very tasty, or perhaps I was in a situation that required me to figuratively bite my tongue.

I could be reading something into it, but I’ll take it to mean that God intends to show me something today…  As I go through the day, hopefully I’ll remember the pain in my tongue and decide to keep my mouth shut when necessary.

Today Carey Nieuwhof posted an interesting blog about One Simple Question That Can Move You From Regret to Relief.  The context of the post is around facing change and how it’s important to ask yourself: 

“Five years from now, will the change I’m considering today result in relief or regret? ”  

I challenge us to ask ourselves the following question…

“Five minutes from now, will the words I’m considering result in relief or regret? “

I don’t expect this to be an easy thing to do, but even if it’s the greatest accomplishment of my day, I will keep my mouth shut when necessary.

I would love to hear your thoughts… Feel free to contact me directly, or leave a comment below.

Till next time.


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