My Take on #FiftyShades

Fifty Shades of Grey…  I’m getting a little tired of seeing article, after article about this movie.  It seems like this is the only news worthy item since it’s release this week.  Since everyone else is writing about this movie and expressing their opinions, I thought it’s about time to share mine.
My opinion on the subject…  Enough is enough already.  Seriously though,  there has to be something more worthy to talk about.
I have not seen the movie, and most likely will not, so I will not speak to the content of the movie, or the quality of the production.  What strikes me funny, is that the major opponents to the movie are those who have not read the books, or intend to watch the movie.  I don’t disagree that the movie is going to be raunchy, and very graphic, but people are going to be watching it whether or not you publicly voice your opposition or disgust.
As every christian would know it’s very difficult at times to be like Christ, but after seeing and reading some of the articles posted by Christians on the matter, I see nothing but judgmental pharisees.  The people Jesus has commissioned us to reach are watching this movie and reading these books.  Our judgement on their preferences is doing the exact opposite of building relationship.
I’m not saying we all need to buy tickets and sit through something that goes against our personal convictions, but perhaps we should avoid public judgement and reserve it for those times when we’re asked for our opinion.
As Christians, we have an opportunity with this movie to have meaningful dialogue with our spouses, children, friends, etc.  If we continue to be harsh and judgmental about something as trivial as this, we may lose those opportunities to build relationship.  
So I will not discuss my opinions on this movie here, but will gladly have the conversation with anyone.
If you’re looking for a humorous read on the subject, Scott Dannemiller wrote an article that made me laugh…
This is a very hot topic, so I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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