January Update – Another New Years Resolution

As with many people, I joined the ranks of those starting their new year off with new resolutions.

I struggle with these for many reasons.  One, I often lack consistency when it comes to following up on my progress.  Perhaps my goals are too high level, with not enough meat to measure.

The last couple of years, I’ve had a goal to Blog more.  I’ve questioned a lot over the last few months of whether or not I should just shut this down or pick it back up.

For me, I don’t have a problem writing, but I have a problem with feeling that it’s ever good enough to publish.  I strive for perfection, and fear the ridicule and rejection from writing something that offends or is just terrible.

So, here I am, stepping out on a limb, and just posting…   Something… Anything… Just to say I’ve posted.

If anyone is reading this, please hold me accountable and ensure I post more frequently.  I’m planning to publish something each month this year.  Let’s see how things go…

I also started a new diet this year.  My wife was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016, and has been reading a lot about Ketogenic diets.  There seems to be many documented cases of type 2 diabetes being reversed, so we decided to tackle it together.

Any new diet is tough, but one that drastically reduces carb intake for me, is almost certain disaster.  First day in, and I just wanted to punch everyone I saw and eat a loaf of bread.  Not some multi-grain, full of seeds and nuts bread either.  Plain old, unhealthy enriched white bread. Straight from the bag.  Smothered in peanut butter and jam…

But I resisted.  Yay me!  Now a week into this thing and I’m actually ok.  My head seems much clearer, I have more energy(no more afternoon wall), and I’ve lost 8lbs.

The cravings for sweets and bread seem to have diminished too, so all in all, not too bad.

When I post next month, hopefully I’m still on track, and can report more pounds lost and better health.

Till next time.


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