I can see my breath

Two days ago our area was hit with an ice storm that knocked power out. We’ve now been 36 hours without power and our house is freezing. It could be much, much worse. Yesterday was 4 degrees and today the forecast is the same. So for having to be without heat, this is tolerable.

I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, longing for my hot morning coffee. I am, however, extremely thankful for many things through this ordeal. The many offers from those with heat for others to come and warm up. ¬†Several of the local area gyms have offered a place for people to come and shower. We have malls and libraries where we can go to get warm, find something to eat, charge our mobile devices and access the internet.

I love seeing people come together in times like theses. The times are tough, but it gives you such a warm feeling inside when someone shows kindness. The times you can sit together as a family with the forced attention. No cellphones, tablets or TVs to distract from one another. Last night our oldest daughter went to a friends house to play board games. We were at home with the two youngest and played a card game. It was fun. Even if I didn’t win.

As much as I can see the blessings through this challenge, I’ll be very happy to have the power back on. According to NB Power there are only ~88,000 customers affected and 80% of our area is expected back on by tonight. Sure hope we’re part of the 80%

Until the lights are back on, stay warm my friends, and try to see the good through the bad…



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