For the first time in what seems like ages, our entire family was able to go out to a restaurant together.  We do eat out occasionally, but it’s rare that we all get out together.  It’s also important to note, that even eating a ketogenic diet, I was able to find something reasonable to eat.

Jacob our almost 12 year old, just got his first cellphone on the weekend, so you can imagine what gets his attention these days.  He has reminded everyone(several times now), that his phone is newer and better than theirs.  His favorite feature is how the phone wakes up when you pick it up, without having to click on the home button.  Ask him, I dare you….  He’ll show you.  At least a few dozen times….

We met the girls at the restaurant after Jacob’s practice, so on the way to the restaurant, I asked him if he could do me a favor, and keep the cellphone put away while we were there.  I didn’t have the opportunity to ask the same thing of the girls before we got in, so early on in the meal, he looks at me and says, why can’t I use my phone?  I explained to the girls what I had asked him, and much to my surprise, their phones were put down.

They are teenagers, so they didn’t get put away, but they were set down while the meal was happening.  I was impressed.  I was proud.

There was a point in the meal, where the stories were getting grand, and being told with excitement and much laughter…  For a moment, I thought, I need to tell them to quiet down, but then something stopped me.  I couldn’t do it.  This was one of those moments, that you sit and enjoy.  Watching your kids smile as one tells a story.  We were all focused on the story teller.  We laughed.  Together.  As a family.  A moment I will remember forever.

This year our oldest, Eliza, is graduating high school.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 years already.  Where has the time gone?  I would be lying if I said raising her(or any child), has been easy.  There have been some very big challenges, but when I look back on her childhood, these will be the moments that will wash away all those bad memories.

I pray that she tells stories that make people laugh.  That she remembers these moments as I do.  That she remembers where she comes from, and has a clear path for where she’s going.  I pray that her family remains an important part of her journey.

As parents and siblings, I pray that we help to create memories for her that wash away any hurt or pain that we’ve caused.  When she has her own family, that she can talk about us with warm memories, learn from our mistakes, and be ok with her own mistakes.

I recently subscribed to an email devotional from Steven Furtick called Walking in Faith.Today’s message was titled ‘What are you Magnifying?’, and the question posed was, what are you magnifying?  The good? The bad? The ugly? The gaps?

As the sun sets on our children’s childhoods, I promise to magnify the good.  If my focus is on the good, it will multiply in our relationships.

If you’re interested in the Waking Faith devotional, you can subscribe here.

What area in your relationships are you focusing on today?

Till next time.



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