Work from home day

As you may have already found out from my previous post, I have recently joined an MLM company…

The journey has been slow, but still early on.  I’m the type of guy that wants to see results right away. I don’t want to wait for people to decide to join.  I want people to jump in with both feet…  
Patience has long been a challenge for me, so this is testing.
As I take to social media, I’m treading very slowly.  I want to make sure that I’m not hitting up my friends, family and followers for selfish reasons.  My goal is to help people, and I believe the products I’m promoting will do that.  Ultimately, I want to be a source of information and support for others.  I am not just looking for your money.
So, I will be patient and wait for people to be able to see the results in me first…
Social media is increasingly screaming for my attention.  New followers, that I want to connect with… I’m pretty much addicted to the likes, comments and activity.  
On my journey, I will need to find that balance soon, or it will consume me.  
Thankfully there is so much support in the community.
We have plumbing work being done at our house today, so I’ll be working from home.  Today will be the real test of whether or not I can focus on work, with all the distractions around me.
It’s a rare day that I’m given this opportunity to work uninterrupted, so I need to take advantage of it and get the 2017 Performance Plans completed for my team today.
Better go get the coffee on, the diffuser going…
Wish me luck

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