Unproductive days at work

If you take a few minutes and browse through my archives, you’ll notice that I’ve been MIA for months now.  My last post generated a ton of hits, and really engaged my audience…  Since then, I’ve been unmotivated and uninspired to write another post.

One of the biggest challenges I have in almost all areas of my life is consistency.  Take this blog for instance.  I will write a couple decent posts, interact with my audience, then a couple weeks pass and another post, and then nothing for months.

I want to be a blogger, and not just some lame blogger that blathers on about meaningless dribble, but someone that brings value to the lives of their readers.

Today I read and article by Michael Hyatt titled 5 Reasons Why People are Unproductive at Work 

Reading through those 5 points, the one that stuck out to me the most was point number 3.  I am faced with so many distractions.

Most of this is all my own fault really.  By nature, I have a hard time saying no, so as a result, I often take on more projects at work, than I can really handle, agree to sit on boards that I don’t have the time for, decide to start a home based business(you can check that out here), start courses, books, etc…

This past month, I really took a big breath and gathered my thoughts.  I found that taking a big step back and looking at everything that was on my plate, helped me to identify what I needed to be focusing on.

Through all this one thing I found that was not getting the priority it should was my faith.  Yes, I still read my morning devotions and prayed each day, but once I closed the Bible, that was it for the day.  It’s through the small moments through the day where I allowed worry and stress to enter.

Over the last month, I have learned to re-focus on what really matters in the end, and have found that although the circumstances may not have changed, I have a new peace and calm about it all.

Take a look at the other 4 items in the article by Michael Hyatt and comment below with what speaks to you the most, and what you plan to do about it.

Till next time.