About Me

Throughout our lives we all wear many hats to many different people. When trying to articulate who I am it’s difficult to narrow down. To some I am a son, brother, uncle, nephew or grandson. To one I am a husband. To some I am a dad. In the work place there are some that call me an employee, and some that call me their leader.  There are people who call me a friend and even some that would call me an enemy.

Whenever I’m asked to share something interesting about myself I typically focus on one or two of the categories above. Tailoring my identity to the person asking, with the intention of making a good impression, or creating enough interest for someone to want to get to know me more.

As I grow, I’m learning that above all the labels that I put on myself and that others have put on me, I most want to be identified as a child of God. Imagine the impact we can all have on our circle of influence if we all decided to first and foremost be identified as a child of God.

I’m far from perfect, and do not pretend to be an expert at life just yet. My only hope is to share with you what my journey looks like, and maybe encourage you along your own.


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