Young Living

So early in 2016 I was introduced to the world of Young Living Essential Oils.   It wasn’t until February 2017, that I decided it was time to enroll and become a member. Primarily just to take advantage of the 24% discount.

After some consideration I realized it was most beneficial to take advantage of the Starter kit (pictured below) which came with a dew drop diffuser, 11 great oils and several other items. It took only a couple of days and non stop reading and research to know that this was a product I could stand behind.  Now I’m a full on oil geek, keto eater and kombucha drinker…

Premium Starter Kit

Yes, I’ve become one of those people… now to find the right balance to not become pushy and obnoxious. I know the world of network marketing can often be seen as that, and I am absolutely determined to not be that person.

My goal and desire is to help others on their journey. I might be new to Network Marketing, but I am not new to leading people. I’m very successful in the professional world, which i believe will drive success in the arena.

If you’re looking for great essential oils you can sign up here to get started. I will work directly with you to educate you on the benefits. As you go and find that you’re looking to augment your household income, I can help you build a successful business as well.

If you want to connect you can find me here:

Instagram: @canadianoilguy
Facebook: Jason Gallant
Canadian Oil Guy


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