A New Year, a new me…

Tradition says I should create a list of New Year resolutions, and so out of sheer habit, I compiled my annual list of lofty personal goals for 2014.  Among the list are the typical and common, eat better, drink less coffee, exercise more. 

Although, it is largely inspired by tradition and a sense of something that you’re supposed to do, there is something so significant with the closing of one year and the start of another.  There is an expectation of a whole year full of opportunities.  Some are hoping for children, a better job, to shed a few pounds, take a vacation of a lifetime, and the list goes on.  On January 1st, the doors of opportunity are wide open.  Some of us will sadly just shut the door in fear of the unknown and wait until December 31stto open it again, for just a moment.  Other’s stand in the door and observe the opportunities, but never take a step outside and just “go for it”.  I want to be one of those that open the door and run without hesitation into everything that God has for me in the New Year.

I’ve found the best way for me to establish my goals for 2014 is to first review my 2013.  There is only one ultimate goal that I have from last year that really even matters, and unquestionably is the only one that will matter every year going forward.  When I look at the end of each year, if I can say that my walk with God is stronger and more intimate, then I can say I have had a successful year.

Despite the heart aches and disappointments from 2013, through it all, my God is more real to me at the start of 2014 then he was last year.  I’ve learned in 2013 to make spending time in the Word of God of utmost importance, and although I was not as consistent as I would have liked, I know that it was better than it was in 2012.

I choose to not just stroll through 2014, but I will run.  I am determined to become a morning person and set aside at least 30 minutes at the start of every day for God.  Anybody that knows me would understand that is a fairly lofty goal.  There’s just something about how comfortable my bed is at 6am.  It will be a sacrifice for me to give that time to God, but by the grace of God I will achieve it.

My wife has been throwing around the word intentional a lot lately.  So let’s make 2014 our most intentional year yet.  I’m not setting my goals with the hope that I will somehow meet them, but I will purpose in my heart to be consistently intentional in working to achieve them.

I will have another successful year!

Cheers to 2014


What I’m reading this week:

  • The Promise of Provision – Derek Prince

Listening to:

  • Today’s Top Worship Songs – Songza
  • Messenger International – Changing the Way You See(Lisa Bevere)
  • Mars Hill Church – Malachi #1 How Have you Loved Us (Mark Driscoll)

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