Now the Pressure is on

So it looks like I have readers a lot sooner than I expected. Yes, I know and understand that my posts were posted in a public domain, but I wasn’t quite sure I was going to intentionally share it publicly any time soon. 

I’m sure most who have read my last posts already know me, but I’d like to make it very clear that I am not a literary genius by any stretch of the imagination. So this space is where I’m just putting my thoughts. There will most likely be rambling and probably the odd rant(I’m not perfect), so I would love feedback on what I’m sharing. 

I read a lot of blogs and have received so much from others willingness to share. I felt that 2014 should be the year that I attempt to do the same. 

This tweet reaffirmed what I’ve been feeling in my spirit 

Here’s the link for any who’d like to read the article. 

So if you want to share in my burdens/struggle and victories, then please continue to follow me. 

It would appear that my last post caused a lot of questions. None of which were actually asked directly to me, but rather the gossip mill started quickly. I’m pretty sure that most who read my posts were professing Christians and members of my church, so I struggle to understand why a conversation with me directly, was avoided. Perhaps, I’m not as approachable as I believe myself to be…  I will, however clarify that I simply resigned my leadership position at my current church. My family and I will continue to worship there until such a time that God tells us otherwise. 

I can’t promise that this blog will be very interesting or exciting, but in any case welcome to Me!



What I’m reading this week:

Listening to:

  • Today’s Top Worship Songs – Songza
  • Mars Hill Church – Malachi Series(Mark Driscoll)

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