I come up with so many excuses for why I can’t publish another post right now.  There’s always an excuse. Tonight I sit and try to find a design that’s suitable. Then I say I can’t have a blog without there being an about me page, or at least a decent header… All these reasons I place in front of me to avoid the calling of God. 

I’m reminded of the series we’re going through at our church right now. “The Ideal Family”. The title is intended to be satirical in nature, as we’re learning that there really is no such thing. Pastor Tim has said it might be better titled “how do I deal with my real family”. 

We go through life putting such high expectations on ourselves that truly limit us and hold us back. I’m learning to accept that I don’t have it all together, and that God’s grace is enough to carry me through. 

I’m ok with not being the most consistent blogger. I mean really. Not everyone can be Carey Nieuwhof or Perry Noble. I recently had opportunity to get some really good feedback from someone I would consider successful in the blogging space.  He told me to focus on my readers, and try to deliver something that would benefit them. To hold all success lightly, because as quickly as it comes it can go away. I was also encouraged to just write, understanding that most of these posts will accomplish little, while hopefully others will help to encourage and inspire my readers(assuming I will have some).

If this blogging thing is what God wants me to do then I’ll do it.  I’ll do the best that I can and trust that God will work to perfect the skill within me. 

One thing I’m working on this year is to at least attempt what it is that God is asking me to do, without listening to the excuses in my head on why I cannot.  I will lean on him in all I do.

What’s God saying to you this week?

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