We survived….

After over 90 hours without electricity, you quickly find out what you’re made of…  turns out we’re pretty resilient.  We toughed it out at home for a couple of days with no power. As stated in my last post, it was cold enough to see my breath in my house.

Day 3, the power was back on at our cottage so we packed everyone up, except the cat(he’s too miserable) and headed on out. The cottage was warm and we had lights, but no internet or TV.

It was refreshing to be able to sit around and play board games, and to chat without distractions.

It turns out that we actually like each other.

Our middle child missed all the fun, as she was in Newfoundland for a synchronized skating competition.  It was at this event that they qualified for Nationals, which take place in Calgary next month. Their routine was a tribute to a teammate that passed away earlier last year, so it was a very emotional victory for the team.

Our son(the youngest) had a great weekend of hockey. They never made it to the semi finals, but he had felt unfairly treated by his coaches the last couple of games and it appeared to be affecting him. I was very proud of him for sitting and talking to his coaches about it, and clearing the air. There was a noticeable difference in his game play after that chat. The things they learn playing a team sport that goes far beyond the game.

Our Oldest is preparing for exams this week, and seeing her focus through this amazes me. I see a girl that has struggled with mental health issues learn to rise above them. I have no doubt she’s going to be successful.

This past week I was invited to a spiritual formation class at Kingswood University by a good friend of mine, who teaches the class. The class was on change and transformation, and knowing my story he asked me to come and share with the class.

This was the first time that I shared my story with such a large group. After that class on Thursday, the amount of people who have heard it was quadrupled.

I realized during that class that perhaps it’s time to tell my story of my change to a broader audience. Maybe someday you’ll see that story here.

How was your week?  Were you affected by the ice storm?

Till next time



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